Sunday, May 5, 2013

Airel by Aaron Patterson and Chris White

Although Airel by Aaron Patterson and Chris White is listed on Amazon in the YA (Young Adult) genre, this book was quite appealing to me. My instincts were correct, and I was beyond pleasantly surprised with this book. The protagonist, Airel, at first appears to be the typical teen. Airel begins to encounter problems in her life that become quite atypical and dramatic and the reader quickly discovers (along with Airel) that things are not what they seem. A love interest is introduced and it was very fun for me to feel young innocent love again when I was immersed in Airels perspective on life and love. This book has a strong supernatural element (angels and demons) but is not done in a way that glorifies the demonic realm. Airel's story runs concurrent with a story in the past that has great impact on her life and becomes an integral part of the outcome. I don't want to give away any spoilers, but Patterson and White have taken an interesting spin in this book on the Nephilim topic that Christians love speculating about. If you are looking for a clean, fast-paced, and engrossing book for yourself or for your teen, I highly suggest this book. My teenager was very impatient for me to finish it so that she could have it. This is a great alternative to the Twilight series, as it presents a good message intertwined with an interesting topic. I highly recommend this entertaining book. Buy the book

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  1. This book was a slow start.....but it soon got interesting and captivating. I just had to finish it! If you are looking for something new to read, this is a start to what I feel will be a good series!
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