Thursday, April 14, 2011

Heaven is for Real by Todd Burpo

This book was intended for my oldest daughter to read first, but I grabbed it when I went on vacation to Maui and was pleased with another great read! The book's author, Todd Burpo recounts the events that took place years ago when his (then) three year old son Colton experienced a medical event that caused him to have an out of body (or vision) experience of Heaven. After the trauma of the medical experience dies down, the author's son slowly starts disclosing to his family descriptive details of Heaven, including family members deceased that previously he had never met, and an unborn sister that he had never known had even existed. The author repeatedly tested his son with questions based on biblical truths that he knew his son in his limited life-time would not logically know the answers to. Colton amazingly knew the answers to all of the questions based on his experience, including what side of the throne of God Jesus sat on, that John the Baptist was his cousin, and that there was going to be a great battle at the end of the age and saw that Satan would be thrown in the lake of fire. This book and the descriptive details of Colton's experience were captivating to me. After just reading a book about Hell, I was so refreshed to read about a child's excitement about Heaven and that "Heaven is for Real". This book is worth reading, not only for adults, but also to older children.

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  1. A very good book. It gave a different view of heaven. I Believe of God and Jesus answers prayers. I will share the stories with others. Wish I knew some o heaven when I lost some of my family. Now I know I will meet again.
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