Friday, January 18, 2013

Daring to Choose by Michele de Reus

Daring to Choose: Gaining Momentum from your Darkest Days by Michele de Reus is a wonderful book for hurting hearts, and/also for people who want to get back on track. The author, Michele, is candid about her darkest hour in discovering infidelity and being confronted with the reality of becoming a single parent. Adding to this, her ex-husband quickly marries again, creating another set of complexities for the author. Michele is a breath of fresh air and creates hope for the reader within this book. Each chapter addresses an issue that the reader must work on in order to gain victory over their circumstances. A biblical scripture is stated, and then perfectly weaved within the premise of each chapter. Chapters include,"Choose You," "Choose Love," "Choose Grace," and many others. Each chapter shows the reader how the author handled personal situations in regard to the topic, and then she asks the reader to contemplate your story, she gives examples, she asks you to invite god in, write it down (and make a declaration). I was especially intrigued by the information regarding Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing as a tool presented that the reader can seek out to possibly help for healing. The author really does a great job of showing the reader that circumstances that may cause setbacks can be overcome in a practical way, and with the assistance of the Creator. I really liked that the author listed all scriptures, declarations, and extra tools for the reader in the back of the book. Don't pass this book up, I am very glad that I purchased it and will recommend it to people that I know could use it. I am looking forward to Ms. De Reus's next book!

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