Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Love isn't supposed to hurt by Christi Paul

If you have experienced emotional and verbal abuse, this book will speak to your heart and soul. I recognized the author from when she was a newscaster in Boise, ID. I had always admired her, and was sad to see her leave Boise for Arizona. I was aware that she was married to a fellow newscaster at the station, and I thought they were a cute couple. It is so revealing to me that appearances truly are deceiving. Christi's account of abuse and her dysfunctional marriage were eye opening. This book will speak to your heart. Christi is honest, and self reflective about what transpired during the four years she was married - and why she endured the abuse for so long. She makes lists for the readers, and presents information about abuse and why a person allows it in their life in a non judgmental and reasonable way. She is a successful wife, mother, and news anchor, and her life is a testimony that even abuse can be overcome, and a person can live a full and prosperous life with the correct tools and mind-set. I really applaud Christi for being so honest with a topic that sometimes is not comfortable to talk publicly about. I read this book in a day and a half, as I could not put it down. It is well written, and well thought out. Don't pass up this book, you will be sorry!

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